Beverage carbonation

A DUE has various carbonation systems for water such as EASY.CarboS and EASY.CarboV.

These two machines differ in the type of carbonation system: traditional (by absorption) for EASY.CarboS and with the Venturi effect (by injection) for EASY.CarboV.

They are also suitable for CSD drinks and wine.

EASY.CarboS is used to add carbon dioxide to water.

The system is equipped with a single-screw pump to feed water to the saturator and an in line CO2 pre-injection system. The saturation tank, with testing according to PED for an operating pressure of 6 bars, is suitable for the CIP cleaning.

The saturation column is appropriately insulated.

The system is equipped with an automatic CO2 regulator and recorder with electro-pneumatic functioning to automatically adjust the CO2 pressure in the saturation column depending on the saturator inlet product temperature.

Carbon dioxide is added at extremely low temperatures of 2° to 4° C and at a high pressure (6 bars), creating the best conditions for CO2 solubilization. The final CO2 content ranges from 4 to 8 gr/l.

The Saturator is available in different versions with production capacities of 5,000 l/h to 10,000 l/h.

EASY.CarboV, with automatic functioning, ensures excellent stability and quality of the finished product, thanks to the carbonation index precision and constancy: the CO2 dosage precision is ± 0.1 volumes.

The liquid is sent through an on-off valve to the stainless steel deareation / saturation column tested in according to PED 97/23/CE.

The equipment has a special patented carbon dioxide injection and dosage group, which produces CO2 nebulization and allows faster and more efficient gas solubility in the liquid and uniform distribution of the CO2 providing the desired carbonation.

It is also possible to vary and adjust the saturation process and the pelage.

EASY.CarboV is available in different versions with production capacities of 5,000 to 60,000 l/h and it is preset for connection to the closed circuit cleaning CIP UNIT.