Beverage deaeration and mixing

A DUE is able to offer different solutions covering the following processes:

Water deaeration: single stage or double stage, with possibility of CO2 or N2 injection.
Deaeration of syrup concentrates.
Various liquid ingredients In-line and continuous blending.
Control of the following parameters : Brix, CO2, pH, Temperature, Pressure, Flow rates, Consumptions, etc.

For the production of CSD, A DUE can provide EASY.Carbomix whose functioning consists of the following process phases:

water deareation;
syrup dosage;
CO2 dosage;
storage under pressure.

Through the use of suitable flow meters A DUE’s EASY.Carbomix allows the automatic adjustment of the °Bx degree and of carbon dioxide content in the finished drink and total recovery of the product.

EASY.Carbomix may also be used for carbonated mineral water, natural mineral water or non carbonated soft drinks. For still water, a gas injection system suitable for N2 dosing is provided.

EASY.Carbomix is an automatic, single Premix unit with a flow rate ranging from 5,000 to 60,000 l/h.

The outlet °Bx – with testing, recording and automatic correction, even for diet drinks – is checked using special software and a refractometer with milliBx precision.

The outlet CO2 – with testing, recording and automatic correction – is checked using special software and a flowmeter with a precision of ± 0.1 volumes.
Connection is possible by modem for the remote control of all the machine working phases.

Compared to traditional Premixes, EASY.Carbomix has the following advantages: syrup/H2O mixing ratio adjustment according to the inlet syrup Bx value; working flow rate variation depending on that of the filler without having to stop the machine; reduction in syrup waste during the start-up, product changeover and production end phases; finished drink “flavour” changeover speed.


foto scheda tecnicaSEASY.Carbomix

Automatic blending and carbonating system for carbonated and non-carbonated beverages in-line preparation.

Applications: soft drinks with and without fibres, including carbonated mineral water, still mineral water or non-carbonated beverages.

Final beverage Brix-degree control with automatic correction.

Installations with different configurations are available, providing for flow capacity wide range variations in combination with maintained °Bx and Vol CO2 high accuracy performances.

Nominal production capacity: 5.000 ÷ 60.000 l/h.

foto scheda tecnicaS

Outlet °Bx variation (steady production) σ=0,02 °Brix.

Outlet °Bx variation (transitional phases) σ=0,1 °Brix.

Outlet CO2 Vol/l variation (steady production) σ=0,08 Vol/l.

Outlet CO2 Vol/l variation (transitional phases) σ=0,15 Vol/l.

O2 content down to 0,2 ppm into deaerated water.

Deareation efficiency mantained from 30% to 100% of nominal flow rate.

foto scheda tecnicaSUse of mass flow meters.

Continuous control of °Bx degree and of CO2 content with feedback correction possibility.

Deaeration by means of single-stage or double-stage vacuum pump with or without CO2 stripping.

foto scheda tecnicaS

Complete drainability of the unit.

Improved citrus sacs  care.

Quick product change-over with minimal waste.

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