In line ingredient dosing

The sugar syrup, concentrates and minor ingredients must be accurately dosed and mixed to obtain the finished syrup.

Depending on the type of recipe, A DUE can propose EASY.InLine (continuous running in-line dosing system) or EASY.Core (discontinuous “batch” preparation and dosing system).

EASY.Core is a preparation and dosing unit that can simultaneously or sequentially transfer the single components for the preparation of finished syrup or finished drink. Several recipes can be prepared at the same time.

EASY.Core is a compact single unit consisting of a double set of mixers and tanks working alternately.

These mixers are used to dissolve the powders or empty the liquid concentrates.

The capacity and number of mixers are defined according to the recipe and production capacities requested by the customer.

With EASY.Core sugar syrup, liquid sugar and water are dosed and transferred, too.

It is also possible to equip the unit for the transfer and dosage of concentrates or juices packed in 1000 l. pallet tanks or stored in existing tanks.

The main feature of the EASY.Core is the total control of all the ingredients transferred into the preparation tank through different flowmeters (mass), run by special software tuned by A DUE.

EASY.InLine is a completely automatic in line and continuous dosing and mixing unit with centralized process control.

The electronic instruments and the mass or magnetic flowmeters ensure dosage constancy and precision.

EASY.InLine mixes in line and simultaneously more than ten different premixed basic products or ingredients.

EASY.InLine can also be used for the preparation of finished drink: from fruit juices and nectars to soft drinks and from tea to sports drinks.

EASY.InLine has a production capacity that can vary between 5,000 and 70,000 l/h of syrup or finished drink.

To ensure total quality of the product being processed, EASY.InLine double checks in line and in parallel the fundamental values (concentration, temperature, °Bx, acidity) of the single inlet ingredients and also double checks the °Bx and pH values of the finished syrup coming out of the machine.

Thanks to the use of high precision instruments, it is possible to reach a precision of ± 0.02 °Bx and ± 0.2 pH units.

EASY.InLine is characterized by its high degree of automation and performance stability, its total recovery of concentrates at the end of production, the reduction of production waste and its CIP cleaning cycle presetting.

Using a PC it is possible to constantly keep under control all the parameters and production variables and it is easy to use thanks to an operator interface controlled by advanced software.



System for sequential dissolving and dosing of minor ingredientes, concentrates and juices for final syrups preparation.

Simultaneous or sequential batch dosing with the possibility of handling from 3 to 7 ingredients.

Nominal production capacity: 5.000 ÷ 60.000 l/h.

Full control of all the ingredients transferred by means of the flow measuring instruments (mass type) to the preparation tank.

Design optimized for high efficient cleaning in place.

Total product recovery.

Final product formulation management.


scheda tecnica Dosiline


Automatic unit for continuous dosing and blending suitable for the final syrups preparation, in monoblock execution.

Systems customizable basing on the number of ingredients to dose (typically 4 or 5 ingredients).

Nominal production capacity: 5.000 ÷ 60.000 l/h.

scheda tecnica Dosiline

Outlet °Bx variation (steady production) σ=0,02 °Brix.

Outlet °Bx variation (transitional phases) σ=0,1 °Brix.

scheda tecnica Dosiline

Enhanced control systems for key parameters (flow capacity, °Brix).

scheda tecnica DosilineNo additional tank required.

Total product recovery (with water or gas).