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A DUE specializes in the design and manufacture of fully automated systems for beverage preparation.

The company’s continuous investment in Research & Development is a guarantee of safe, efficient and reliable machines and systems, designed to be environmentally-friendly and always characterized by the most advanced technical solutions.

A DUE‘s equipment and solutions are used worldwide by many leading bottling companies, such as: Carlsberg, Coca Cola, Danone, Heineken, Nestlé Group, Orangina, Pepsi Cola, etc.

01. Our Vision

We want to be the undisputed partner for our customers, employees and suppliers.

The success of our customers adopting our solutions is to be the reward for our employees and suppliers who contributed to it.

Our aspiration is to remain among the technology leaders in our markets always complying with environmental and social duties, with successful economic action.

TOGETHER towards the FUTURE…

02. Our Mission

Our mission is to fully meet customer requirements in beverage preparation and processing systems, offering personalized solutions based exclusively on proprietary know-how.

The understanding of consumer needs, the commitment to innovation, strategic partnerships with suppliers and institutions and professional capacity due to almost 50 years’ experience are the concrete means by which A DUE performs its tasks.

However, we do not just supply our customers with state-of-the-art technology; as a reliable partner we support them during studies and research and pay full attention to installation, commissioning and service throughout the life of our systems.

We aim to generate customer loyalty and we know that first we must be recognized as loyal to our mission and to our partners.

03. Our Value

A DUE customers can avail themselves of the company’s specific knowledge and experience in process engineering and industrial automation, with tailor-made solutions.

Every part of the project (hydraulics, electrics, software and hardware) is developed in-house by A DUE’s team of specialist technicians.

In addition to designing and constructing the systems, A DUE directly handles their installation, startup and testing at the customer’s premises.

Special care is devoted to the training of personnel and to the after-sales service.

04. Expanding Goal

We want to further expand our international commercial and organizational network, through which, even now, A DUE can ensure prompt assistance and guarantee maximum customer satisfaction by providing timely, rapid solutions.

We also aim to expand in volume as a source of resources and experiences for further supporting our R&D efforts for customer benefits as well as to ensure a dynamic environment for our employees.

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